We Bleed Magenta Red - We are a full service advertising specialties company offering a wide range of print and promotional items to promote your company.

We can assist your marketing objectives with these quality programs:

  • Events: Both for-profit and non-profit
  • Print Media and Mailing Campaigns
  • Sports Team Apparel and SWAG
  • Client and Employee Recognition
  • Branded Apparel
  • Sport Tournaments
  • Company Outings
  • E-Commerce Services: online stores and fulfillment services

Who is WePOVA? I began at the very bottom of the industry at age 20 in the mid-80's as a press helper. I made his way through the ranks as a press operator, to management, sales, and ultimately business owner in my hometown, Atlanta, GA.  I knows every stop your print order takes before it goes into a box. I married my co-worker, Mary, in 1992 and we've been happily married since. After being out of the business for a few years, we moved here to Birmingham to be with our brand new grandchild in 2019, right before COVID shut everything down. When things began slowly opening again, we knew that the time was right to get back in to what we've done, and done well, for 14 years in GA and we started WePOVA.


We launched at the end of 2021, and there were challenges, but our faith in God has remained strong and He is good, 2023 has been our breakout year, but we're just at the tip of the iceberg.


We've always had a passion for local community, and still, we partner with many charitable organizations, but not just as a "vendor," we get involved however we can.  If your charitable organization has an upcoming event, please call us or email me at jeff@wepova.com and let's break new ground.



Jeff Gannaway


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